Eco Builders

About Us

We are a Durban based eco-building company. Our focus is to build energy and thermally efficient structures with an emphasis on low carbon footprint building. We focus on three alternative building building methods. The decision as to which suits the project best, will be dependent on the issues pertaining to the specific building site.

Each of the building systems that we offer are fully accredited and endorsed by the relevant building authorities. We are the only licensed operator in South Africa who is fully accredited to do sandbag building.

The completed structures look and feel no different to conventional building methods. However our structures can result in 20 - 30% construction cost savings. Our building methods often mean that structures can be built faster.

Our structures result in you feeling cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. There will be no need to run expensive airconditioners or heaters. Our focus is not only on the structure itself. We also include a variety of products and technologies that have proven themselves to assist in the reduction of energy, water and thermal related costs.

We do not involve ourselves in the construction of renovation work, low cost or mass housing projects, however, are available to advise or consult on property developments that focus on green building principles. We are also involved in an expansion program of sandbag builders to interested parties throughout South Africa, the African continent and the World.

Our building methods save you money and provide healthier structures to live in. Contribute significantly towards your future by investing in an energy conscious and thermally efficient home today.

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